Application of ARCS Non-Contact Video Measuring System is as follow:

  • Semiconductor : Lead Frame, Package, etc.
  • PCB products : Printing Circuit Board, etc.
  • TFT-LCD : Back Light
  • Press and Electrical products : Lead Frame, etc.
  • Rubber : Oil ring, Connector, etc.
  • Stamping products : Motor Core, etc.
  • Non-contact products : Shadow Mask, etc.
  • Accuracy measuring : Small Machine, etc.

PCB: Package board, Module PCB

Flexible PCB component

Display component: CRT, PDP,LCD,STN

Semi-conductor package: Measuring semi-conductor package component

Making Semiconductor(FAB): Memory, System IC, CIS

Machine component: Accuracy die, Motor parts, Electrical goods Camera components / Measuring products

Components of the Optional Communication:

Electrical component : Socket


Lead frame: