Software for Non-Contact Measuring System

Image Measuring Software

The SI software has the user-friendly operation interface for multi-purpose measuring tools. This diverse and convenient gathering tool can conform to many current ways of measuring work pieces in complex industries, which gives the user a fast, accurate, and complete measurement.

SI-102 Cross-Hair image measuring Software

It comes with the Windows-based operation system, which is simple
and easier for user to install.

Measuring Functions:

Measuring Toolbar

Framing Toolbar

Complete Report:

Data Area

Measured Database and Course Area

Export to Excel


Methods for image process:

It could offer Normal/Gray/Binary/Edge
Four Filters and good for different working
Piece measurement.

Show Cross-Hair and Aux Line:

It could simulate the comparator
Function and get the angle directly

File Format:

Import / Export DXF File
Import / Export SIF File
Import / Excellon File (For SI-901A)

Manual Auxiliary Focus:

This function could reduce the error by people.

SI Format:

It has a reminder function, so the user does not need to remember the original Point and positions of the axis.

SI-101 Multi-function image measuring software

Measuring Functions:

Framing Toolbar:

CAD Drawing Toolbar:

Dimension Remark and CAD elementary drawing

Dimension Remark

The measuring tolerance setting function can facilitate the data judgement

Program Guidance:

The user only needs to follow the guidance to finish the measurement. It doesn’t need the special operator.

3-Dimensional Diagram:

The user could depend on the measuring graphic to select the Top View, Front View, Side View or ISO View.

Easy and Fast measurement function:

The function of Move/Rotation/ Array/Mirror could help the user to measure the complicated or Multi-entities working piece in short time.

Scan Function:

Post-Process for scan image of points

It could scan the shape of the working piece and correspond to current CAD Reverse Engineering.

Sample: Gear

Dimension Remark on the image

It could remark the dimension on the image for the complete working piece and save in JPG format.

Sample: Gear

Customize inspection Report

SPC Report

SI-301 Semi-Automatic Image Measuring Software

  • Automatic-adjustable surface (24 Sections) and Contour illumination. For Automatic coaxial zoom lens attached coaxial light.
  • AF Series: Auto Focus Function
  • AZ Series: Z-axis automatic

SI-901 Automatic Vision measurement Software

  • Multi-Sections (26 Sections) adjustable light control. 24 Sections Surface, Contour and coaxial illumination
  • Auto Focus and Auto Light
  • Jog Motion Control

SI-901A : Import Excellon File

This is the File Format for Drilling program of PCB Industry.

SI-901B: With Touch Probe Function

SI-901C: With Rise Shrinks Bracket Function

For Observation and Analysis of the Distribution Pattern on Drilling Holes of PCB.

SI-901D: With Image Capture Function

SI-901G: With Laser Measurement Function

Features of SI Software







Cross-hair image measuring software

Multi-function image measuring software

CNC Vision image measuring software

CNC Vision image measuring software

CCD capture for motion image

File / Drawing Function

File format

si / dxf

si / dxf

si / dxf

si / dxf

Graphics zoom in. zoom out. pan and zoom all

Export the measurements to EXCEL

Print out the Report (Graphic and Data)

Drawing and Data-Undo/Redo

CAD Function-Simple Drawing and point


Intelligent Function

CAD Function-Simple Modification: Cutting and Extension


Dimension Remarks


The tolerance judgment


Switch the Measuring Coordinate

Setting origin and Skew the axis of coordinate system

Switch the Display/Figure Area

Framing Measuring

VGA Edge Auto-detecting

Cross-hair framing

Image Measuring

Load a saved or an existing image file

Magnification Calibration




Manual /Auto

Scan function





Program Teaching/Multi-Sampling

Manual Move

Manual Move

Manual Move

Auto Move

USB Joystick operation




Z axis auxiliary focusing function

Manual Focus

Manual Focus

Manual/Auto Focus

Manual /Auto Focus