Automatic Non-Contact Video Measuring System

GAM-6120 is the biggest Non-Contact Measuring System designed for the measurement
of Screen Printing. It is using the special customized Jig for the parts, and then it could make
the operator very easy to move up and change the parts quickly. This customized design
especially increasing the capacity for LCD panel Industry.

Technology Features:

  • Video system: High Resolution & High Accuracy CCD / High Speed Video Capture Card
  • Magnification: 0.7x~4.5x (17.5x~112.5x) Co-axial Lens
    • Optional 2x Objection Lens (35x~225x)
  • Illumination: Adjustable surface and contour illumination
    • (High Brightness Ring illumination)
    • (Optional: 26 Channel Multi-Sections Illumination)
  • Open Linear scale: 0.5μm on X, Y, Z-axis
  • Length Accuracy: ±(5+L/100) μm on X,Y-axis
  • Repeatability: 3μm on X, Y-axis
  • Motor: X, Y, Z Servo Motor
  • Motor Operation: Mouse program (Optional: Joystick)
  • Base: Precision granite table
  • Power supply: 1~, AC220~230V,50/60Hz
  • Support software: SI-901

Model No


Travel Size (X. Y. Z)

1600 x 2000 x 80 mm

Stage Size (mm)

2330 x 2518

Stage Load Capacity


Travel Speed (Max.) X. Y-Axis

200mm / sec.

Travel Speed (Max.) Z-Axis

100mm / sec.

Dimension (mm)

2960 x 2980 x 2160

Net Weight (kg)

7000 kg